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Calculate the fuel efficiency of your vehicles, dependent on the distance travelled since last fuel stop, and the amount of fuel it took to fill the tank.

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    Calculate your vehicle's efficiency

    Enter your distance (miles or kilometres) and fuel used (litres, imperial gallons or metric gallons) to calculate your fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency can be displayed as mpg (imperial), mpg (metric), litres/100km, km/litre, litres/100miles and miles/litre. Also enter the cost of your fill-up to calculate how much your vehicle is costing to travel a mile/kilometre.

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    Store All Trips

    All trips can be stored and displayed in a table and as a graph, showing you exactly what your fuel efficiency trends are over time. You can edit any of this data at any time by tapping the trip, or add any notes.

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    View Stats

    Up to the minute statistics are available for all of your vehicles. You can easily see your max, min or average for a range of items such as: fuel efficiency, cost, distance travelled, fuel used.

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    Fully Customisable

    There are lots of settings to choose from to fully customise the app to suit your needs. You can choose between miles and kilometres. Fuel can be litres, gallons (imperial) or gallons (metric). Fuel efficiency can be displayed as mpg (imperial), mpg (metric), litres/100km, km/litre, litres/100miles and miles/litre. There are also options to auto-tweet and auto-store every time you calculate your fuel efficiency.

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    Multiple Vehicles

    You can add as many vehicles as you like to keep track of all vehicles in your household. Businesses may like to use this to track their entire fleet of vehicles. You can also export the data via email to use in your own spreadsheets.